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Present specializes in the creation of comprehensive, considered brands. Offered in succession (and under one roof!) our services include brand strategy, brand identity, and website design and development. If you’re seeking to level up your brand presence, get in touch at We’ll bring that future vision closer to your present.

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Kind, collaborative business owners who have been in business for 1+ years with a proven product or service offering. You have a good understanding of your operations and audience, but are looking for clarity and direction when it comes to your brand. You feel your brand does not live up to the high-quality product or service that you offer and/or does not reflect who you truly are as a business. You are looking to improve your brand so that it serves, instead of hinders, the larger vision for your business.

Looking for cohesive design for each of your brand touchpoints?
We begin every new project and every phase of our work with a call.

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About Us

Our name represents a commitment to seek intention and delight in all we do–from how we spend our time to the company we keep.

Michelle Jolliffe Saper

Partner, Developer

Present joys: The Book of Good Feelings, A Perfect Spoon, Tomato Tanlines, Breadstick Bench, Inger Grubbe

Joyce Chai

Partner, Designer

Present joys: Savory Granola, Montréal soft serve, Reminders of Bruce, Wim Wenders
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