Nora and Matt Kramer of Sunny Fine Foods

Matt and Nora Kramer of Sunny Fine Foods


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Nora + Matt Kramer

Nora and Matt are the lovely founders of Sunny Fine Foods. Their delicious dips have found a special place in the heart of Angelenos, us included. We can't wait to see all the places Sunny goes!

PS: What do you do? What’s a typical day like for Sunny?

As a young business, everyday looks very different. At the moment we’re focused on supporting our amazing stockists which means a lot of store check-ins and sampling on the weekends, planning Sunny’s evolution in terms of future products, and of course cooking and creating recipes :)

PS: What’s inspiring you lately?

We’ve been so excited by the bounty of spring produce and blossoms popping up at the markets after a rainy winter. Seasonality has been an inspiration for us since the very beginning, and spring always seems to bring a vibrant energy that makes space for exciting new opportunities.

PS: What company are you keeping? Any cherished community(ies) you’re a part of?

We feel so lucky to be a small part of the community that exists within and around each of our stores, many of which are independent/family-owned and cherished by their neighborhoods. We’ve also had the chance to connect with many other young brands in the space over the past year that we’ve felt so inspired and supported by.

Present Place
PS: What are your favorite LA spots lately?

Now that the sun is out, we’ve been loving walking around our neighborhood and hiking in Griffith Park. Most weekends we float between friends’ and family’s kitchens cooking and sharing meals.

PS: How do you stay present? Any rituals, routines, mindsets, etc.

Evenings have always been a time for us to relax and reset. Most nights that means putting on some music, cooking, and sitting down for dinner together, no matter how simple the meal. Running Sunny together as a couple, we’ve realized how important it is to make space for time together where we truly truly unplug from work.

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