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Theo Martins

We first met Theo Martins at a holiday market hosted by Paper Chase Press last December where he was selling wares from his respective brands, Toy Mart and Posture Walking Club. A conversation (and a couple google searches) later, we’re completely charmed by his creativity which is somehow as varied as it is intentional. From founding clubs inspired by a love of walking and cereal(!) to sketching to composing, Theo boasts many talents. Read on for a glimpse into his world.

Posture Season One

Posture Walking Club, a project I’ve worked on beginning in 2015, launches its ready to wear collection this Spring. It’s the label's debut and my foray into fashion in this manner. Having had the 10 years prior experimenting, it’s a wonderful feeling to arrive at this juncture. The collection is titled, “Lagos, New England”, which is inspired by Lagos Nigeria and Rhode Island, my homes. These patches are a nod to my parents who worked as factory workers, immigrating to Rhode Island by way of Lagos.

Beginnings & Endings

I love when a chapter ends, it’s bittersweet but I'm just in love with change. I’ve returned to Los Angeles after some time away and in the interim of launching my label, took a job as a 2nd grade tutor. I generally tutored them in Math & English and often we would draw and color. Children are fun and education generally is a thankless job but this experience was truly special. I knew my time with these children was not in vain. On my last day I was given a sketchbook from a student. They noted that when their parents asked what gift they wanted to give their tutor the student suggested a sketchbook, because “Mr Theo is always drawing”. Children are incredibly perceptive and this gift speaks clearly of that.


”Yemi”, a character I’ve created, seen here in various poses. I had commissioned a mock up of the character from an animator at some point but I found it lacked the personal touch. However, it’s been a bit since I drew, and even longer since I enjoyed what I drew. It’s been a journeying in allowing the things that come through me without inferring judgment upon it. I'm an early riser, using that time to enjoy the silence and a cup of tea. On this morning I found myself redesigning Yemi’s look and feel. It's the touch that was missing in the initial drafts that I somehow found now.

Cannes Fit

Three songs I composed for a Television docuseries will be screening at Cannes this year. Pretty special moment for everyone involved as it’s been a labor of love. Beyond the institution of Cannes, it’s just cool to do things with genuine and pure intent and allow those things to manifest how they choose. Makes moments like these fun. This is likely the outfit I will wear on the infamous “pink” carpet.

Image via Charlie Staunton

The Candy Man

Charlie, friend, talented photographer and owner of boutique Virgil Normal took this image. I hosted an Arts & Crafts afternoon and many parents and children showed up. There was one child who I thought was just incredibly original and as I posed for this photo he happened to pose for the camera too and I just loved how genuine it was. My reaction, caught wonderfully by Charlie, encapsulates that moment wonderfully. Some moments tend to stay with you and this was one. Charlie titled the photo, “The Candy Man” and it stuck.

A few more joys from Joyce and Michelle...

I received results back from a recent allergy test and discovered that I’m mildly allergic to everything? Luckily, corn does me no harm. These tortillas have been a godsend.

My cousin Hana kindly surprised me with some French pharmacy goods from her recent trip to Paris. This Nuxe honey lip oil was a standout–instantly soothing for dry winter lips.

Played Theo’s playlist, Cereal Sounds, as I was putting together this newsletter. It’s the perfect rainy day listen.

Losing a Contest

but participating anyway. I did in fact submit my mushroom photo to the LAMS Mushroom Fair photo contest. While a rightful winner emerged, it was such fun to simply contribute to the contest and partake in the fair. Another perk of attendance: finally understanding how to *properly* cook mushrooms by dry sautéing them (ie don’t add any fats or oils to the pan until all the water from the mushrooms is cooked out first)!

Walking around the LA Arboretum had me observing the silhouettes of trees, something I had not previously considered. This palm was my favorite.

I'm notorious for being able to sleep in for many many hours. What can I say, I love sleep and sleep loves me! I get critiqued for my ability every now and again, and this song is the closest thing I've found to any good defense for letting me be. Unbeknownst to me, the music video just won a Grammy for the 1,300+ oil paintings created and animated by Em Cooper.

I lament to say that these are sold out, but keep an eye out for whenever they come back in stock because they taste EXACTLY like Sour Patch Kids. It's remarkable what Saba of Saba Jam is able to create. You can always try your hand at DIYing, but something tells me it's worth waiting for Saba's next batch.

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