present joys

Week of May 8, 2023


Words by:

Michelle Jolliffe-Saper + Joyce Chai


The parrots in my neighborhood are notorious for their particular(ly provoking) call. An endearing/annoying regional oddity, yes, but I’ve come to realize that these parrots have completely drowned out all other bird sounds for me. I listened to a recent Life Kit episode on birding and was encouraged to be more attuned to the sights and sounds of my surroundings. Unsurprisingly, there’s so much going on beyond these parrots! It’s been lovely to learn the melodies of different birds amongst a broader neighborhood chorus.

Yoka Good Things Pop-up

I stopped by the Yoka Good Things pop-up last weekend that took place in Bunch Design’s studio + storefront space. Sachiyo of Yoka Good Things and Hisako & Bo of Bunch Design were so kind and gracious in sharing the stories of the traditional Japanese goods being sold. It was only a 2-day event but it sounds like future pop-ups are in store for the space. 

Sonora Wheat Pancakes

I love baking with whole grains and regularly use Sonora Wheat for the earthy, nutty flavor it imparts on pastries. I picked up this Sonora Wheat pancake mix at Windrose Provisions recently and love how quick and delicious a breakfast it makes.


NYC-based brand Marché launched their online shop recently and I’ve been admiring their garments from afar, especially the Issey and Esi dresses.

Rose Cleansing Oil

My skin had an angry reaction to a new serum I tried a few weeks ago and whenever that happens I always return to this oil cleanser by Monastery. It’s not a typical emulsifying oil cleanser, so I swipe it off with a warm washcloth after massaging it onto my face. The extra laundry it requires is enough to keep me from using it on a regular basis, but I love how quickly it soothes my skin back to a restored state.

Fish Ceramics

I was lucky to be able to visit a Turkish ceramics studio, Ömürlü Seramik, in the city of Cappadocia this past week where I fell in love with these quirky fish vases. There is so much joy and color in each piece and I loved generally how interiors display a cozy clash of visual and textural elements throughout the country.

Corali jewelry

Ogling over all the beautiful pieces by Copenhagen-based Corali.

Pillows made of marble

The discomfort of something that is meant to bring comfort is weirdly comforting, at least for me, in this case.

Foraging wild garlic

While walking through the Birks of Aberfeldy a few weekends ago, we noticed wild garlic along the path. Its fronds are long and wispy and its smell is undeniably garlicky! We foraged the garlic and made a really delicious wild garlic pesto later that night. In the U.S. wild garlic is also known as ramps.

Forecasting stone

I stumbled upon this image a few months ago and just remembered it again while scrolling through my saved photos. The forecasting stone is (or at least in 2007 was) located on the Isle of North Uist on the west coast of Scotland.

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