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Tess Interiors is a full-service interior design studio creating bespoke, expressive spaces for high-end residential and commercial clients.

The Strategy

Interior spaces reveal interior lives. Tess Interiors intimately understands that the elements that encompass an interior space are referential to the rich interior lives of the people they are meant to reflect. Tess and her team specialize in interiors that showcase the unique personalities and lifestyles of their clients—providing a meaningful backdrop for a life well-lived.

The Identity

We refreshed the brand identity to one that feels elevated, inspired, and most importantly, like a true fit for Tess Interiors. The resulting brand is layered with nuance and personal detail and more successfully aligns with the clientele Tess Interiors is seeking to serve.

The Collateral

We anticipated various touch points of interest and created a full suite of brand collateral for Tess Interiors including custom business cards, stationery, notepads, wood finish samples, and lawn signs. Tactile details, nods to the studio culture, and unique illustrations per team member’s business card make the collateral personally, perfectly suited for the Tess Interiors brand.

The Website

We designed and built a custom website to properly showcase Tess Interiors' portfolio. The result is functional and easily navigable, with plenty of opportunities to share bespoke details for each project.

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