While we’re already well into January1Larry David GIF1 January faux pas a la Larry David, we’d still like to greet you with well wishes for ‘23. We’re feeling especially motivated and hopeful for the year ahead. Maybe it’s due to the air of optimism that’s especially potent at the start of a new year or maybe we’re finally settling into the grooves of our one-year-old business and are enjoying the fit.

Whatever it may be, we’re excited to navigate this next year and will continue to pave as predictable a path that our values allow while still keeping “room in our hearts for the unimaginable.”2Mary Oliver Photo2 via Mary Oliver

As the inaugural post of our new blog, we figured an introduction was in order. Read on for a bit of Present past, if you’re curious.

Present Studio Embossed Stationary

Who is Present Studio?

At present, Present Studio is comprised of myself and Michelle Jolliffe-Saper. We met years ago and immediately bonded over our shared, strangely specific childhood experience of Kumon3Kumon Logo3 Comically transparent branding tutoring sessions followed by trips to McDonald’s. We grew independently in our fields–Joyce in design & branding, Michelle in web development & business ops–and found our paths crossed again in 2021. Complementary in skills and demeanors, we naturally eased into a partnership in Present Studio.

What do you do?

We're in the process of revamping our About page to better answer just that, but, in short, we offer Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Website Design & Development, and Collateral design services for thoughtful businesses.

Where is Present Studio?

We’re located in Los Angeles and Edinburgh. (A bit random, aye).

Why Present Studio?

Because JAM4Jam Logo | Present Studio4 Our original studio logo. Swapping your LLC name is shockingly easy, btw. was taken. Kidding. Yes, our studio was originally named JAM but lots of thought and an LLC change later led us to our current (and more befitting, in our opinion) name. We chose Present because it represents how we choose to move through the world–both as business owners and individuals–as thoughtfully, intentionally, and purposefully as we can be. We always aim to be present with our clients, making sure that they always feel heard and represented in the work we create. We want to be sure we take time to cherish our present joys, allowing space to reflect on what make our days and lives better. Also, both Michelle and my “love language” is gifts, aka presents. (Birthdays get real intense around here.)

Joyce Chai and Michelle Jolliffe-Saper | Present Studio

Now that we’re situated, stick around for more posts. We’ll be using this Blog space to share more bits on studio life, interviews with our community, and whatever else floats our frivolity. Cheers!