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Kiana Toossi

Kiana Toossi is the brilliant mind behind Holiday, a creative studio specializing in crafting immersive visual worlds for hospitality and e-commerce businesses that appreciate the finer details. We first met Kiana during our re-brand of Peet Rivko (RIP<3) where she previously led the brand’s design and art direction. She has an impeccable eye for all things nostalgic–be sure to give her a follow for inspiration from New York, Cuyama, and beyond!

Two hands holding up an assortment of ornaments resembling vintage chairs.

Image via Tanner Fletcher

Vintage Chair Ornaments

I recently came across these vintage chair ornaments from Tanner Fletcher, via Ali LaBelle’s Substack, À La Carte. I became completely obsessed with how intricate these ornaments are and the collection of styles that Tanner Fletcher had curated. I went with the desk chair style since my first choice had sold out but I’m so happy with how it looks hanging on my little NYC-apartment-sized Christmas tree! The leather texture really does feel like the real thing.

A stack of calendars set atop a white radiator cover.
Radiator Covers

Who knew radiator covers could bring such joy? My boyfriend, Nic, and I recently moved to a new apartment in Chelsea (just a few blocks from our old one) and what sold me with this space was the picture frame molding and the radiator covers, as un-sexy as those sound — not exactly a rooftop or brand new appliances. The radiator cover is such a simple, elegant, and downright functional way of covering up a not-so-cute necessity. They’re like built-in mini console tables so it’s easy to style things on them (see: my 2024 calendars) and have them act as usable space.

Reddi Chick

I was recently back home in LA for Thanksgiving and visited my favorite place in the world (the Brentwood Country Mart) with Nic and his brother, Willem. We went for lunch and visited our favorite middle school haunts, Reddi Chick and Barney’s Burgers. Reddi Chick hasn’t changed one ounce since we used to go every day after school and it never should. I honestly hate change and I’m an incredibly nostalgic person, so I’m thankful for things staying the same. I’m also just now beginning to appreciate all this good type at the Country Mart!

A kitchen beautifully filled with wreaths, florals, and produce strewn throughout.
Holiday Advertising

In a world where we get 8 trillion Black Friday emails a full week before and after the “holiday,” it’s hard to get excited by advertising when you’re constantly being hit from all angles. I’m a long-time fan of department store window holiday displays, but I’ve recently been finding joy online from CPG brands who are creating really thoughtful and original ways to display their products in a holiday-filled setting. I’ve been LOVING everything that Zara Home has been producing lately but I’m especially appreciating their latest holiday release. The way the products are photographed feels like you’re really there. It feels so effortless and cozy, each photo giving you a look into the sights, sounds, and smells of this holiday “house.” Speaking of “houses,” Flamingo Estate just opened up their Holiday House in collaboration with MyTheresa and boy oh boy. The contents of the house are all made from gingerbread and are so expertly (and tastefully) decorated. Everything Flamingo Estate does is filled with such intention and excitement and really feels of the season. I can’t wait to visit when I’m back in LA for the holidays.

A road leading to a sandy beach at sunset.
Working In Person

In a post-COVID (is it though?) world, I’ve really been missing working in person with clients and collaborators. I recently got to go out to Rockaway Beach for a kick off meeting and it was so refreshing to (1) meet clients in person from the get-go if at all (2) be able to walk on the beach for a few minutes post client-meeting (3) take a break from my computer and just be present in the moment and have insightful conversations. I got so much more out of our in-person meeting than the typical hour-long Google Meet call and I can’t wait to dive into the project.

A few more joys from Joyce and Michelle...
A Continuous Landscape

I stumbled upon this image the other day and I regret not having written down who it belongs to or who the painting in it is by. I am enamored by the idea of a continuous landscape as a decorative motif and will perhaps endeavor to try one myself.

Banjo Beale

“If you want to be creative, the first thing you must create is time.” I love everything about Australian-born, Scotland-based designer Banjo Beale.

Compost Bin Caddy

I guess I’m at the age where a compost bin upgrade really does it for me. I love our little simplehuman caddy for it’s cleanliness, simplicity, and specificity.


These chocolate crisp gift packs bring me a smile from ear to ear.

Good Boy!

The unbridled, weeks-awaited joy that is seeing your new puppy successfully “roll over.”

Permanent Jewelry

Treated myself to a couple Hannah Keefe permanent bracelets, soldered on site.

Bathroom Humor

Hung this sign from Bunch Small Shop on our bathroom door to infuse a little humor to our apartment living.

Tahinov Hatz

Tried this Armenian tahini bread for the first time last week and I’m hooked.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday, Michelle!!

An ever-present joy in my and so many people’s lives, Michelle is simply one of a kind. Her compassion knows no prejudices. Her wit is quick and wisdom sound. Her empathy inspires us all to be better. Join me in wishing Michelle the happiest birthday!! 💓

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