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Saba Jam creates delicious, seasonal jams from locally sourced produce. Flavors are artful recollections of place, time and memory.

The Strategy

In Saving the Season, a beautiful compendium of recipes for the home preserver, author Kevin West declares: “The recipes are the vehicles for the stories.” Throughout our brand strategy work, it was abundantly clear that this statement rings true for Saba Jam. Founder Saba Parsa preserves so much more than fruit in her jams–place, season, and memory are all encapsulated.

It was the first time I felt anyone had truly understood my approach to my work in its entirety.
-Saba Parsa re: brand strategy
The Identity

For Saba Parsa, jam-making began as a simple act of love. During a long-distance stint with her now partner, she would mail jars of jam from California to her partner in Massachusetts. This romantic gesture embodies her name’s very meaning: “Saba is the name of a gentle, early morning breeze that carries lovers’ messages." The visual inspiration for the brand stemmed from these sweet origins. We were influenced by Saba’s own memories and the mail art movement of the 70’s/80’s which "centered on sending small-scale works through the postal service". The result is a joyful brand that’s representative of its spirited founder and her own small-scale works of art.

The Packaging

Our goal in refreshing the packaging was twofold: stand out within the marketplace with a modern, artful design and allow Saba the flexibility of offering smaller-batch runs. The fronts of the jars feature the Saba Jam logotype in a bold, vertical orientation with various flavors labeled using the brand's core colors of red, green, and blue. By reserving evergreen content to be screenprinted on the jars, the exterior label system allows Saba to adapt her flavors and quantities based on seasonal availability.

I am excited to see my product now presented in a way that matches the quality of the product that is inside.
-Saba Parsa re: packaging design
The Website

We crafted a custom Shopify e-commerce website for Saba Jam. Vibrant and inviting, the website showcases all of Saba's seasonal offerings as well as various artisan wares. With rave reviews from the likes of Sonoko Sakai and Samin Nosrat, it's no wonder her preserves fly off the (digital) shelves we've built.

Through working with Present Studio I learnt the joy of being creatively seen and understood. Michelle and Joyce took their time in understanding my process but also most importantly my persona and tied it all together in the best way that presents my products boldly and beautifully. Present Studio creates so much beauty that’s rooted in deep appreciation for all that is good in life and I feel lucky that I got to see it in action.
-Saba Parsa, Founder and Owner of Saba Jam
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