Sunny Fine Foods
Website Design
Website Development

Tina Miyakawa (Brand, Packaging Design)

Sunny is rooted in the conviction that simple, whole foods allow us to feel our best. Their products make eating at home delicious and easy–treating each meal as an opportunity to nourish and connect.

The Website

Nora Hedgecock and Matt Kramer of Sunny Fine Foods came to us seeking a rehaul of their brand’s website to one that properly reflected Sunny’s ethos and product offering. Using their existing branding, we designed and developed a website on Shopify to be easily scalable. With a growing business in mind, we created a website that's fitting, functional, and flexible enough to accommodate new products down the line.

We are so thankful for our time with Present and couldn't be happier with the end results of the project. Joyce and Michelle approached the project with care and intention from the very beginning, taking time to deeply understand our brand in order to create a website that was elevated, refined, and true to Sunny. We were so pleased with the communication and collaboration throughout, and can't wait to continue our work with Present as we grow.
-Nora Hedgecock and Matt Kramer, Founders of Sunny Fine Foods
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