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Bembien is a line of handbags and accessories crafted by artisans around the world with care and longevity in mind.

The Collaboration

Working alongside Bembien’s founder, Yi-Mei Truxes, and design lead Maude of Studio Paquette, we developed a website experience that is elegant and editorial while also being supremely functional and well-built. Throughout the collaboration we iterated on layout, experience, and design elements in order to achieve this balance of quality, beauty, and functionality.

The Migration

An important challenge to this site was the seamless migration from Squarespace to Shopify. This transition included a migration of all orders, products, and customers from one platform to another along with a comprehensive QA of the migration pre and post launch.

The Experience

With the request from the Bembien team to utilize the Prestige theme as a starting point, we combined the theme structure with custom layouts and functionality in order to transform the experience from something cold and templated into a fully bespoke brand journey.

The Outcome

Our goal with the Bembien site is to achieve an experience that echoes the qualities of Bembien itself - simple, beautiful, and enduring. We focused heavily on the customer experience while also keeping the Bembien team in mind so that they can readily adapt this experience as collections change from one season to another. Overall the site is refined and comprehensive while also being accommodating and functional.

The new site is beautiful and extremely well built! We have received tons of compliments on it, and it’s something we can now be very proud of. Aside from being technically proficient, the Present team is incredibly organized, clear at communicating and an overall joy to work with. I could not recommend Present Studio more - they are truly best in class.
-Yi-Mei Truxes, Founder, Bembien
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