WITH branding | Present Studio
WITH branding | Present Studio
Brand Identity

IC-YA (Brand Strategy)

WITH is a wellness education platform for the workplace. Seeking to address the inequalities that exist within the wellness space, WITH consciously curates its programming for traditionally marginalized peoples.

The Brand

Overall, the WITH brand is elevated in look and feel–speaking to the quality of service and programming. Layouts are elegant and considered with soulful moments that arise via textured illustrations and thought-provoking copy. Our client was drawn to the vibrant colors and expertise of Black artists, particularly the women quilters of Gee’s Bend. This greatly inspired the patterns used throughout the branding, seen collaged together as well as in individual components, signaling strength through diversity.

The Logo

The logotype is closely tracked and intentionally set with ligatures speaking to the connection and community WITH provides. The logo mark touches upon the more internal aspects of self-care and reflection; the W is warped and rippled, mimicking the movements of water.

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