Friends & Family
Friends & Family collateral t-shirt design as modeled by Van Ho | Present Studio
Friends & Family collateral t-shirt design as modeled by Van Ho | Present Studio
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Collateral Design
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Friends and Family is a beloved Los Angeles bakery specializing in whole grain baking and California cuisine.

The Brand

During our early exploratory work, we landed on a direction that Roxana Jullapat (owner and head baker) deemed LA Happy. She described the experience she hopes for all who visit Friends and Family: “you should leave here feeling LA Happy-meaning you had bright, tasty food, a baked good that surprised you, but still found something familiar and comforting.”

The Logo

We created a warm and friendly logo to fit the mood. The secondary mark more prominently features the ampersand which is central to the bakery’s ethos and identity. It takes the bakers & chefs & farmers & millers (& on!) to create the magic behind their revered pastry case.

The Collateral

We extended Friends and Family's identity to a suite of digital and physical collateral. The collateral is in keeping with the brand's friendly ethos, highlighting the bakery's commitment to artisanship and quality ingredients whenever possible.

Working with Present is a joy! They bring a fresh perspective to every project approaching each design opportunity as an independent part of a coherent whole. Their designs articulate who we are as a business more accurately than we could have ever expressed it ourselves.
-Roxana Jullapat, Owner and Head Baker
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