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Ye Rin Mok brand identity | Present Studio
Ye Rin Mok brand identity | Present Studio
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Ye Rin Mok is a Los Angeles-based photographer. She has photographed an impressive array of clients and interiors over the years–always captured in her signature, instinctual style.

The logo

During one of our early conversations with Ye Rin, she shared that her name translates to “around art” in Korean. This detail was immediately cherished as it aligns so perfectly with how she approaches her craft. Frequently working with artists and creatives, Ye Rin photographs her subjects in a way that feels both effortless and sincere. She favors conscious observation, describing her process as more “passive” - patiently waiting for the right moments to photograph rather than straining for a shot.

We knew we wanted to have her logo set in English as well as Korean, both as a nod to her roots and the special meaning behind her name.

The Website

It was important we design a website that showcased Ye Rin’s work with integrity (no taboo photo crops here!) and ease. Her work spans many clients and industries so we built in a robust filter functionality to allow for custom views depending on how one prefers to peruse. We enjoyed Ye Rin’s sentiment of wanting a website where one simply stays and “hangs out awhile.” Through pared-down layouts and an intuitive flow, the focus is rightly on her beautiful photography. In terms of technology, we built Ye Rin's site utilizing the Sanity CMS and a React Next.js front-end.

The graphics

We didn’t want any element of the website to distract from the photography. We opted for a minimal use of line breaks that are positioned “around art,” functionally breaking up sections throughout the site. These breaks are also reminiscent of the Korean letterforms that make up Ye Rin’s name.

It's been such a pleasure working with Joyce and Michelle, they patiently help with every step of the design process and really took the time to develop a design that would exactly suit my style and personality.
-Ye Rin Mok, Photographer
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