Magic Ate Ball
Magic Ate Ball collateral design of poster | Present Studio
Magic Ate Ball collateral design of poster | Present Studio
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Ye Rin Mok (Photography)

Magic Ate Ball is a bake sale project which features a rotating baked good and respective organization to which sales are donated.

The Brand

Magic Ate Ball began in 2020 in response to the racial justice protests and tenuous social climate that defined much of the year. As a result, levity is a hallmark throughout. The branding employs a personal and playful tone (often to varying degrees of silliness). Each week, a magical 8-ball introduces a new baked good and social justice organization to which all sales are donated.

The Website

The Magic Ate Ball website prioritizes play and discovery over conventional user experience. Clicking the 8-ball on the home page reveals the page below where one can place an order and click out to the week’s featured org. Visit the site here.

The Graphics

Graphics for Magic Ate Ball are minimal and playful. Photos of baked goods are paired with simple shapes and lines. The featured baked good is always introduced on a grid “cooling rack” and the respective org is shown in a circle spotlight.

The Collateral

Magic Ate Ball collateral runs a whimsical gamut, the connective thread being that it never takes itself too seriously. Pieces we created include: an Annual Report printed as a zine and foldout poster, a spoof tote as an ode to an unlikely pair (Margiela & South Pasadena), and pencils with all the numbers of pi that's fit to print!

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